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Organic chemistry

Tutor Doc. RNDr. Tomáš Elbert, CSc.
Team Tomáš Elbert (Laboratory of Radioisotopes)
Topic Syntheses of precursors for the labeling of biologically active molecules with steroid skeleton by tritium. Modeling of the tritiation reactions using deuterium

When the high specific activity of the biologically active compounds labeled by radionuclide 3H (tritium) is required the methods of choice are reductive catalytic tritiation by carrier free tritium gas or reaction with lithium aluminium hydride. The study will be focused on the syntheses of the steroid derivatives with C=C or C=O double bonds which would enable the introduction of tritium to these molecules. The modeling of the catalytic tritiation reaction by using deuterium gas will be used for finding the optimal stereoselective catalyst.