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Organic chemistry

Tutor Prof. Ing. Ivan Stibor, CSc.
Team Josef Michl
Topic Molecular rotors with a bearing - synthesis, properties, and immobilisation on the solid surface

Biological linear and rotary motors have been a source of inspiration for the development of a variety of artificial molecular mechanical devices. Synthesis and properties examination of molecular rotors belong to that category. It is a great challenge for both synthetic as well as physical chemists. Based on results obtained in the group of J. Michl new generation of molecular rotors will be designed, synthesized and studied. These rotors will be equipped with molecular bearing in the form of covalently or non-covalently attached macrocyclic structure of either cyclodextrine or calixarene, and cucurbiturile. The work will consist of design of molecular rotor followed by its synthesis, study of its properties and immobilisiation on flat solid surface.