Sample Submission

reQuest System

The reQuest database system serves for managing IOCB customers' requests, archiving analytical results and notifying users of the request status. ReQuest is used for all standard MS services.

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How to submit a sample for MS analysis?

1. Log in the system, click reQuest icon and fill out the sample submission form. Click "Submit reQuest" button.
2. Use the "PRINT" button to print your sample summary.
3. Bring your legibly labeled sample along with the printed summary to the basement of the main building (A), put it on the top of refrigerator in front of the room 1.79. A freezer/refrigerator is available for unstable samples.

How to get the MS analysis results?

1. The customers are notified on the finished analysis via e-mail (default setting; e-mail notifications can be disabled)
2. Log in the system and download data file(s).
3. Use MSreView spectra viewer for data in msp format. The download link can be found in the "Services" section.