3H NMR BRUKER Avance II 300 MHz

Beside tritium probe the spectrometer is equipped with broad band probe for measuring 1H, 13C, 19F and 31P.

3H NMR Bruker


Assembly consist of WATERS Delta 600 solvents delivery system, WATERS 2470 dual wavelength UV detector, RAMONA radioactivity detector from Raytest (Germany) and WATERS Fraction collector III. PC data collection and running software is EMPOWER 2.0 from WATERS.


Liquid Scintillation Analyzer Tri-Carb 2900TR
Gamma Counter Wizard 1470

Liquid scintillation analyzer Tri-Carb 2900TR (Perkin Elmer) is a computer-controlled benchtop liquid scintillation analyzer for detecting small amounts of α, β and γ radioactivity. The sample changer is able to hold up to 408 standard 20 mL scintilation vials or 720 small 4 mL scintillation vials.

The Gamma Counter Wizard 1470 (Perkin Elmer) is designed for superior counting performance with all types of samples and for every gamma counting application. Unique well-type detector and sample changer system (up to 550 samples), advanced robotics, and highly effective lead shielding result in high counting efficiency, constant background and minimal crosstalk.

LSC Tri-Carb

Tritiation Manifold System RC Tritec

Tritiation Manifold from RC Tritec (Switzerland) is based on U-Bed Technology to provide fresh, He3-free Tritium for tritiation by simply heating the UT3-bed, also allowing the recovery of surplus gas after completion of a reaction. The manifold is placed in glove box. During the operation of the manifold the atmosphere of the glove box is continually decontaminated by catalytical burning of gaseous tritium and tritiated volatile organics and absorption of resulted tritiated water on molecular sieve.



Radio-TLC scanner

Radio-TLC scanner RITA from RAYTEST (Germany) with the software GINA STAR TLC enables automatic quantitative measurement of radioactivity distribution on up to two 20×20 cm TLC plates. Using 20 mm entrance aperture of the detector enables to measure 9 single traces on one 20×20 cm plate. With 3 mm entrance aperture the 2D distribution of radioactivity on TLC plates developed in two directions perpendicular to each other can be measured and evaluated. The position sensitive proportional detector continually flushed by the counting gas (mixture of 90% of argon and 10% of methane) measures the whole trace at once and this gives way to high sensitivity in reasonably short counting times.

LRadio-TLC scanner