2017-2019 Properties of α-D and α-L Oligodeoxynucleotides with Isopolar Phosphonate Internucleotide Linkages.
Czech Science Foundation # 17-12703S (I.Rosenberg - investigator)
2013-2016 Novel DNA and RNA oligonucleotides with Phosphonothioate and Phosphonoamidate Internucleotide Linkages.
Czech Science Foundation # 13-26526S (I.Rosenberg - investigator)
2013-2015 Novel Tools for Cell Cycle Analysis.
Technology agency, CR, # TA03010719 (I.Rosenberg - co-investigator)
2013-2016 Modified nucleosides, nucleotides, and oligonucleotides, and their application in molecular and cell biology and for production of diagnostic kits.
Technology agency, CR, # TA02011282 (I.Rosenberg - co-investigator)
2015-2018 Targeted damage of the DNA repair mechanisms as a tool for cancer therapy.
Ministry of Health, CR, IGA # 15-31604A (I.Rosenberg - co-investigator)
2012-2015 Lipophosphonoxins - novel antibacterial compounds: their use in selective culture media and their potential for veterinary and human medicine.
Technology Agency, CR, # TA02010035 (D.Rejman - investigator)
2015-2017 Development of a molecular toolkit for control and investigation of the bacterial stringent response.
Czech Science Foundation # 15-11711S (D.Rejman - investigator)