Insulin's hexamer

Chemistry and Biology of Insulin and Insulin-like Growth Factors

Our research group is engaged in structure-activity studies of insulin and insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2 (IGFs). These important hormones share similar 3-D structures and cell membrane receptors. Our general goal in insulin/IGF research is understanding of the structural basis for the different cellular responses, metabolic and mitogenic, generated by insulin and IGFs, respectively. We develop analogues of insulin and IGFs to study their interaction with cognate receptors (IR-A, IR-B and IGF-1R). Our group comprises of biochemists and organic chemists and combines chemical synthesis with biochemical studies. We have a close collaboration with structural biologists at the University of York in U.K., WEHI in Melbourne (crystal structures) and at IOCB (NMR).

 BHMT and inhibitor

Metalloenzyme inhibitors

Until the end of 2013 we have been also involved in the development of inhibitors for betaine-homocysteine S-methyltransferases 1 and 2 to study their functions in mammalian metabolism of methionine and homocysteine.