Open Positions

Ph.D. Theme: Discovery and characterization of novel tumor suppressor pathways

Molecular Biology (FSc, CU Prague)

Cancer has been affecting people since the beginning of our history. Despite considerable efforts in the last decades to find a cure, cancer-related death remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Our previous work, aimed at identifying novel tumour suppressors, allowed us to identify Lactamase-B-like (LACTB) protein, a novel mitochondrial tumour suppressor that acts through modulating mitochondrial lipid metabolism and differentiation of cancer cells. In this project we will build on this study by examining the mechanistic processes underlying this pathway. We will examine in more detail the interconnection between mitochondrial lipid metabolism and cancer cell differentiation, the physiological regulation of this pathway and we will identify the substrate of LACTB enzyme. This will uncover new vulnerabilities of cancer cells; the knowledge of which can help us in our battle against cancer.