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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  Tutor Topic
Ing. Hana Macickova Cahova, Ph.D. Role, biogenesis and biodegradation of new RNA caps in prokaryotes
Ing. Hana Macíčková Cahová, Ph.D. Viral NudiX enzymes substrates and their role in infection
Jan Konvalinka, Ph.D., Taťána Majerová, Ph.D. Up and down regulation of viral proteases
Jiří Jiráček, Ph.D. New insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) analogs for receptor studies and therapeutic applications
Jiří Vondrášek, Ph.D. Coevolution of Protein Domains
Josef Lazar, Ph.D. Studies of GPCR/G-protein signaling by two-photon polarization microscopy
Kvido Stříšovský, Ph.D. Design principles of rhomboid protease inhibitors
Lenka Maletínská, Ph.D. Lipidized analogs of prolactin-releasing peptide as potential agents for obesity therapy: search for mechanism of action
Lenka Maletínská, Ph.D. Impact of peptides regulating food intake and their analogs on metabolic syndrome
Mgr. et Mgr. Evžen Bouřa, Ph.D. Viral hijacking of host factors
Michael Mareš, Ph.D. Cathepsin proteases in biomedicine
Pavel Šácha, Ph.D., Jan Konvalinka, Ph.D. Chemical biology tools for imaging, targeting and isolation of putative pharmaceutic targets
Pavlína Maloy Řezáčová, Ph.D. Structural studies of bacterial transcription regulators
Václav Veverka, Ph.D. Targeting hematological malignancies using fragment-based drug design
Václav Veverka, Ph.D. Transient nuclear protein-protein interaction networks