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Organic Chemistry

Tutor Ing. Ivan Rosenberg, CSc.
Team Ivan Rosenberg
Topic Preparation of 4´-alkoxysubstituted nucleoside derivatives and use thereof in oligonucleotides

The project is directed towards the preparation of epimeric 4´-alkoxysubstituted nucleosides both in purine and pyrimidine series, wherein beta-D-erythro epimer adopts preferential C3´-endo (RNA-like) conformation. Obtained modified nucleosides will be subjected to basic screening for selected salvage pathway enzymes and also to biological screening for antiviral, anticancer, and antimicrobial properties. An integral part of the project is the preparation of beta-D-erythro 4´-alkoxysubstituted nucleosides in the form of monomeric units suitable for the synthesis of modified oligonucleotides on solid phase. The prepared oligomers will be studied for their hybridisation properties based on the type of 4´-alkoxysubstituent, and their ability to affect gene expression (e.g. siRNA technologies).