The current project involves synthesis of estrone derivatives with the modified steroid D-rings. The modification involves mainly attachment of various side-chains with the appropriate functionality enabling further elaboration and modification. The first goal is to design and synthesize substances that would acts as antagonist of selected hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases (HSD). The second one is to develop new types of ligands for the selective binding to estrogen alpha or beta receptors (ERα and ERβ).


The main avenue of investigation is to obtain new molecules of potencial therapeutic as well as of biological interest. Moreover, the participation in collaborative multidisciplinary research projects with academic and industrial groups is considered to be essential. The objectives are the synthesis of novel neuroprotective steroids with suitable pharmaceutical properties (metabolic stability, solubility), evaluation of their biological characteristics, assessment of the biological role of neurosteroids in vivo, and the screening of synthesized steroid compounds using available biological tests for non-classical steroid-receptor interactions.