Selected Publications

Goel P., Jumpertz,T., Tichá A., Ogorek I., Mikles D.C., Hubálek M., Pietrzik C.U., Strisovsky K., Schmidt B., Weggen S.:
Discovery and validation of 2-styryl substituted benzoxazin-4-ones as a novel scaffold for rhomboid protease inhibitors.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, available online from 9 February 2018.

Yang J., Barniol-Xicota M., Nguyen M.T.N., Tichá A., Strisovsky K., Verhelst S.H.L.:
Benzoxazin-4-ones as novel, easily accessible inhibitors for rhomboid proteases.
Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, available online from 26 December 2017.

Goel P., Jumpertz T., Mikles D.C., Ticha A., Nguyen M.T.N., Verhelst S., Hubalek M., Johnson D.C., Bachovchin D.A., Ogorek I., Pietrzik C.U., Strisovsky K., Schmidt B., Weggen S.:
Discovery and Biological Evaluation of Potent and Selective N-Methylene Saccharin-Derived Inhibitors for Rhomboid Intramembrane Proteases.
Biochemistry 56: 6713-6725, 2017.

*Ticha A., *Stanchev S., Vinothkumar K.R., Mikles D.C., Pachl P., Began J., Skerle J., Svehlova K., Nguyen M.T.N., Verhelst S.H.L., Johnson D.C., Bachovchin D.A., *Lepsik M., Majer P., Strisovsky K.:
General and modular strategy for designing potent, selective and pharmacologically compliant inhibitors of rhomboid proteases.
Cell Chemical Biology 24: 1-14, 2017.

Johnson N., Brezinova J., Stephens E., Burbridge E., Freeman M., Adrain C., Strisovsky K.:
Quantitative proteomics screen reveals a substrate repertoire of human rhomboid protease RHBDL2 in human cells and implicates it in epithelial homeostasis.
Scientific Reports 7: 7283, 2017.

*Ticha A., *Stanchev S., Skerle J., Began J., Ingr M., Svehlova K., Polovinkin L., Ruzicka M., Bednarova *L., Hadravova R., Polachova E., Rampirova P., *Brezinova J., Kasicka V., Majer P., Strisovsky K.:
Sensitive versatile fluorogenic transmembrane peptide substrates for rhomboid intramembrane proteases.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 292: 2703-2713, 2017.

Strisovsky K.:
Mechanism and inhibition of rhomboid proteases.
Methods in Enzymology 584: 279-293, 2017.

Arutyunova E., Panigrahi R., Strisovsky K., & Lemieux M.J.:
Production of recombinant rhomboid proteases.
Methods in Enzymology 584: 255-278, 2017.

Arutyunova E., Strisovsky K., & Lemieux M.J.:
Activity assays for rhomboid proteases.
Methods in Enzymology 584: 395-437, 2017.

Strisovsky K.:
Rhomboid protease inhibitors: emerging tools and future therapeutics.
Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 60: 52-62, 2016.

Wunderle L., Knopf J.D., Kuhnle N., Morle A., Hehn B., Adrain C., Strisovsky K., Freeman M. & Lemberg M.K.:
Rhomboid intramembrane protease RHBDL4 triggers ER-export and non-canonical secretion of membrane-anchored TGFalpha.
Scientific Reports 6: 27342, 2016.

Strisovsky K.:
Why cells need intramembrane proteases – a mechanistic perspective.
FEBS Journal 283: 1837-45, 2015.

Wolf E.V., Seybold M., Hadravova R., Strisovsky K. & Verhelst S.H.:
Activity-Based Protein Profiling of Rhomboid Proteases in Liposomes.
ChemBioChem 16: 1616-21, 2015.

Zoll S. Stanchev S., Began J., Skerle J., Lepsik M., Peclinovska L., Majer P. & Strisovsky K.:
Substrate binding and specificity of rhomboid intramembrane protease revealed by substrate-peptide complex structures.
EMBO Journal 33: 2408-2421, 2014.

Strisovsky K. & Freeman M.:
Sharpening rhomboid specificity by dimerisation and allostery.
EMBO Journal, 33: 1847–1848, 2014.

Strisovsky K.:
Structural and mechanistic principles of intramembrane proteolysis - lessons from rhomboids.
FEBS Journal 280: 1579-603, 2013.

Adrain C., Strisovsky K., Zettl M., Hu L.D.A., Lemberg M.K. & Freeman M.:
Mammalian EGF receptor activation by the rhomboid protease RHBDL2.
EMBO Reports 12: 421-427, 2011.

Pierrat* O.A., Strisovsky* K., Christova Y., Large J., Ansell K., Bouloc N., Smiljanic E. & Freeman M.:
Monocyclic beta-lactams are selective, mechanism-based inhibitors of rhomboid intramembrane proteases.
ACS Chemical Biology 6: 325-335, 2011.

Zettl M., Adrain C., Strisovsky K., Lastun V. & Freeman M.:
Rhomboid family pseudoproteases use the ER quality control machinery to regulate intercellular signaling.
Cell 145: 79-91, 2011.

Vinothkumar K.R., Strisovsky K., Andreeva A., Christova Y., Verhelst S. & Freeman M.:
The structural basis for catalysis and substrate specificity of a rhomboid protease.
EMBO Journal 29: 3797-3809, 2010.

Strisovsky K., Sharpe H.J. & Freeman M.:
Sequence-specific intramembrane proteolysis: identification of a recognition motif in rhomboid substrates.
Molecular Cell 36: 1048-1059, 2009.

Stevenson L.G., Strisovsky K., Clemmer K.M., Bhatt S., Freeman M. & Rather P.N.:
Rhomboid protease AarA mediates quorum-sensing in Providencia stuartii by activating TatA of the twin-arginine translocase.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104: 1003-1008, 2007.

* equal contribution

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